2007 Boll & Cie Saignée Rosé Brut

2007 Boll & Cie Saignée Rosé Brut

The 2007 Boll & Cie Saignée Rosé Brut made quite a stir when it hit the market in 2018. Huon Hooke rated it 96 points on par with many other greats alongside Krug, Louis Roederer Cristal, and Pol Roger's Winston Churchill. But nothing at this price point! So many reasons this is such a special Champagne.


Firstly, it undergoes a Saignée methode to acheive its Rosé character. Instead of blending some red and white wine together, the pinot noir skins have been macerated and bled back into the wine prior to fermentation. The concentrated tannins from the skin then do their part to increase the intensity, flavour and length of this Champagne. A wimpy Rosé it aint! This is quite rare in Champagne as this is a more complex method and hard to keep consistent and mainly found in boutique houses of extremely high quality.

Secondly, it was only disgorged in June of 2018, which means a massive 11 years on lees. So it has had plenty of time in the cellars aging and developing its incredible flavour


  • 100% Pinot Noir 
  • Brut - 8gm/L Sugar Dosage
  • Saignée Method Rosé
  • 11 Years on Lees
  • Huon Hooke - 96 points


Tasting Notes: Pale pink color, fine nose with delicate fruity and floral notes and mild spices. The palate is full and vinous with notes of red fruits. Long finish. Ideal as aperitif or with dessert.